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Ivan and Janez Kimovec

Jakob Kimovec was the mayor of the municipality of Vače. He was a wealthy farmer – influential, capable and popular. At their house, partisan units, mostly commanders, kept their weapons and received meals. The father, Jakob, supported the partisans until the killing of his daughter Slavka in 1944. She was killed by a partisan, because she did not want to be his girlfriend. This was the reason Jakob then joined the Home Guard. At the end of the war, he got a call to report in Litija. From there, they took him and several other men to Šentvid, Ljubljana. According to stories, it is supposed that they were brought to Leše near Litija, where they were executed and thrown into a pit. After the war, the family was shunned. Mr Ivan had no opportunities for schooling, and he only passed three grades of elementary school. Since their father was gone, he had to look after the house as a child. The neighbours and relatives offered him assistance. The family lived in poverty and was living day to day.

Recorded: January 2011, Slivna (Slovenia)

The conversation was led and recorded by: Majda Pučnik

Prepared for publication by: Mirjam Dujo Jurjevčič