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Ferdo Bidovec, 1908–1930

(legacy of Majda Kompan Colja) Ferdo Bidovec was a Slovenian patriot and an organizer of resistance against Fascism. In the First Trieste Trial in the special court of security in Trieste, September 1930, he was sentenced to death by shooting, together with Fran Marušič, Zvonimir Miloš and Alojz Valenčič. He was shot on 6 September …

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Uroš Šušterič, 1924–2018

During World War II, Uroš Šušterič was an officer in the Royal Yugoslav Army (JVvD). On 19 September 1946, he was convicted by the Communist authorities to two years of deprivation of physical liberty with forced labour due to his cooperation with the Chetniks/Ravna Gora Movement. They later reduced his sentence to a year and …

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Ivan and Janez Kimovec

Witnesses Ivan and Janez Kimovec are the son and grandson of Jakob Kimovec, who was the mayor of the municipality of Vače and was killed after the war. During the war, the partisans also killed Jakob Kimovec’s daughter.

Matija Spudič

The Spudič family – father, mother and five children – was taken to the concentration camp Strnišče pri Ptuju (Šterntal) after the war, because they were descended from Danube Germans. At that time, Matija was eight years old, but he remembers well all the hardships in the camp.

Magdalena Ančimer Pirnat

In her testimony, Magdalena Ančimer Pirnat from Pšata speaks to us about the killing of her uncle Anton Dolhar from Predoslje. Despite the fact that he supported the partisans and joined the Kokra detachment, the partisans killed him in 1944.

Adolf Malovrh

Adolf Malovrh was born in Šentjošt nad Horjulom. As a result of the allegations of his participation in ‘Bitenc’s spying organisation’, he was imprisoned in 1949 and sentenced to seven years of strict imprisonment and a two-year loss of civil rights.