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Breda Kavčič, born Tominc

In her testimony, Breda Kavčič from Šentjošt nad Horjulom presents life during the Second World War and the post-war years, and she offers an interesting description of the living situation at the time of her schooling and service and emphasises the importance of remembering and talking about the past.

Matija Kavčič

In his testimony, Matija Kavčič summarises the history of Šentjošt in the 20th century, ranging from the time before the First World War until the Second World War, and the emergence of village guards and later the Home Guard. He thoroughly presents the attempt by the post-war authorities to erase Šentjošt from the map of Slovenia, but the local residents resisted and remained masters of their land.

Marija Oblak Žakelj

The war brought a lot of fear, robberies, arsons and murders to the village of Sv. Gregor. There are remarkable memories of these times in Mrs. Marija. As a refugee, she came to America in 1949 and lived there freely.