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Paulina F. Dolinar in Mira Kosem

The testimony of the sisters Mira and Paulina tells of the refugee of the Adamič family from Sodražica, who had to leave the native country due to interwar and post-war communist violence. In May 1945, with the thousands of Slovenian refugees, their father moved to the Austrian Carinthia and from there to America. The mother with children joined him only after ten years. Children quickly became involved in the life of the Slovenian community in Cleveland, and in their hearts there remained a great love for the Slovenia homeland.

Zdenka Mejač Zakrajšek

The couple Zdenka and Ivan met in America, where they, for fear of communism, found themselves with their families. They began to live a rich life in the Slovenian community, which helped them to maintain contact with their homeland. They still speak in beautiful Slovenian.

Marija Novak Pivik

An extremely interesting life story that leads Marija from war time, a post-war struggle for survival, an incredible meeting with a future husband, to a journey to America, and a pleasure and joy at work for Slovenians in Cleveland. She keeps upright due to the Slovenian song!