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Marija Oblak Žakelj

The war brought a lot of fear, robberies, arsons and murders to the village of Sv. Gregor. There are remarkable memories of these times in Mrs. Marija. As a refugee, she came to America in 1949 and lived there freely.

Cirila Traven Kermavner

Mrs. Cirila with a rich word recalls the unbelievable events she experienced in her life course, from childhood to her encounter with Hitler, coincidental avoiding death, to refugees into America, where she happily began to live.

Mihajla Bitežnik Habjan

Mihajla is a daughter of Josip Bitežnik, a famous lawyer and politician from Primorska, born in Solkan. She experienced Ehrlich's murder at Streliška Street in Ljubljana, moving from place to place and living in numerous refugee camps. After the end of the World War II, she fully felt freedom only in the new home in Canada.

Jožefa Katarina Debeljak Žakelj

Jožejka Debeljak Žakelj, a daughter of Dr. Tine Debeljak speaks of her life, her father, her long years of separation from him, the refugees and her aunt the painter Bara Remec. Today she lives in the province of Tucumán, in the North West of Argentina, where only a handful of Slovenians live, who with unbelievable love preserve the Slovenian language and deep respect for the Slovenian nation.