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Paulina F. Dolinar in Mira Kosem

The testimony of the sisters Mira and Paulina tells of the refugee of the Adamič family from Sodražica, who had to leave the native country due to interwar and post-war communist violence. In May 1945, with the thousands of Slovenian refugees, their father moved to the Austrian Carinthia and from there to America. The mother with children joined him only after ten years. Children quickly became involved in the life of the Slovenian community in Cleveland, and in their hearts there remained a great love for the Slovenia homeland.

Dr. Mirko Gogala

Mirko Gogala found refuge in Argentina as a post-war refugee, and he made a great deal of good for the people assigned to him as a spiritual shepherd, both for Slovenians and Argentines. He did not make differences between the nations, he was talking about God's glory. He achieved many honours in the Argentine Church as a prelate, a doctor of theology, a professor at various universities, but most of all meant to him the day when Bishop Rožman dedicated him to the priest, Christ's deputy.

Mari Kosem Celestina

Mrs. Mari Celestina has always been led by optimism that helped her to survive turbulent and difficult moments. There were a lot of them in her life, as she tasted the occupation, revolution, refugee and life in the camp. She created the family in Cleveland, she is grateful to God for the blessing she received.