Ivan Lavrič

During the World War II, Mr. Ivan Lavrič was a minor, but he already tasted arrest, captivity and mobilisation. After the war, he was settled in various camps from Italy to Germany, and was eventually sent to England. He married there and created a home and a family.

Jelka Mrak Dolinar

Jelka Mrak Dolinar, despite all the harsh tests, did not lose her solid backbone and remained faithful to her principles. As a witness of time, she has testified with countless articles, interviews, and above all her book Brazde mojega življenja (The Furrows of My Life), about the horrors and injustices that happened on the Slovenian soil in the interwar and post-war times.

Valentin Mohar

During the war, Valentin Mohar was pursued by the Italians, then a Partisan in the Prešeren Brigade, a guardian of the Kočevje Assembly of Delegates, a member of the Primorje Safety Guard, and a refugee in several camps after the war. The last route led him to England, where he created his family.

Majda in Alojz Starman

The route of the couple Majda and Alojz Starman started in Slovenia. They both experienced the painful and sad moments of the war time. When after the World War II with a wave of refugees fled over Ljubelj, Majda was eight, and Lojze was twelve years old. They met in the Spittal camp and married there in 1958. They created a home and a family with six children in Spittal in Carinthia, not far from the location of the camp barracks.