Ida Laura Kopačin, born Fabčič


Mrs. Laura Kopačin, born Fabčič, was born in Podnanos. Her father Alojzij was mobilised into the Italian army, and he returned home after the capitulation of Italy, before leaving again to join the partisans. His partisan unit was attacked by Germans and the partisans fled. The father came home ill and remained in home care. The partisans came looking for him at his home at night on 28 October 1943, since he had been labelled as a deserter. They demanded he come with them. They tied his hands, and he had a feeling about what was about to happen to him. He told Laura that she would not see him again and to give his love to her mother, who was staying with her sister at the time. This painful moment will remain in Mrs. Laura’s memory forever. They knew that their father was shot on that same night since they heard the gunshots, but they never found out where he was buried. The mother went to the partisan headquarters to find out what had happened to her husband. She told them she wanted to see him alive or dead. They told her nothing, but on the night of 1 to 2 February 1944, they came for her as well. She never returned. She was murdered on 7 February 1944, along with three other women. They said she was a traitor to her homeland. Laura was seven years old, and her brother Evgen was not yet three. They went to Podbreg to their grandfather. When she was 21, she escaped to France, and her brother came along with her. They found a good life in France. Mrs. Laura has created a family there with a Slovenian husband, who had also fled to France after the war. She started a new life, but the memories of the war will remain for the rest of her life.

Recorded: 9 July 2012 in Podbreg (Slovenia)

The conversation was led and recorded by: Majda Pučnik Rudl

Prepared for publication by: Mirjam Dujo Jurjevčič