Alojzij Seljak


Alojzij Seljak was born in 1933 in Lovranovo in the municipality of Bloke. His father Janez was a successful and appreciated axe smith. He was also vice mayor of the municipality. He was very knowledgeable and interested in the politics of Russia and Spain, which helped him realise how communism was dangerous to the nation. The partisans feared his reputation would attract many of his acquaintances. In early July 1942, he was visited by brother in law Franc Martinčič, who warned him that the partisans intended to kill them both. Martinčič didn’t know why, he just said he got a warning from his friend, partisan Tone Šraj – Aljoša. Martinčič decided to escape under Italian protection. But Janez didn’t know what to do, because he had six children. He decided he would hide in a cave at the creek for a while, until everything calmed down. After a while, Janez’s friend came to visit his wife and assured her that nothing would happen to him and to stop hiding since he hadn’t done anything to anyone. This reassured Janez enough for him to come out of hiding, but on the night of 12 July 1942, the partisans came to his home and took him to a hearing. They also took Janez’s brother, neighbour, mother and foster father Franc Martinčič. Janez never came back after that night. His neighbour, who was also taken that night, revealed after many years, on her death bed, that the partisans tortured Janez before murdering him. He left behind his pregnant wife and six children aged from 4 to 14. The family never found out where their father was buried. After the murder of the father, the partisans came to their home and took everything from them. After the war, the family received no help from the Red Cross. They were burdened with compulsory provisions and taxes.

Recorded: 25 April 2012 Lovranovo (Slovenia)

The conversation was led and recorded by: Majda Pučnik Rudl

Prepared for publication by: Mirjam Dujo Jurjevčič